Midwest Startups Making Waves – Chicago, IL

A large startup ecosystem resides in the Midwest where there is an abundance of resources. Chicago, IL is contributing to the success and growth of these startups.

By: Rachel Rosenthal

The Windy City is becoming home to many successful startups. Being in the Midwest, Chicago, IL is centrally located with easy access to the east and west coasts of the United States. Chicago is also home to many Fortune 500 companies that create a hub of innovation and creativity that entrepreneurs want to capitalize on. Listed below are a few Chicago startups that you will want to keep an eye on!



Tempus is a technology company dedicated to accelerating cancer research. They believe that with the right data, patients can benefit from the treatment of others who came before them. They provide a variety of products and services including genomic sequencing, clinical data structuring, image recognition, and biological modeling. The genomic tests Tempus uses allow for identification of treatment options that are tailored specifically to each patient. Through careful research, they have compiled the world’s largest accessible library of clinical and molecular data that is being used to redefine cancer care.


Learn more at www.tempus.com.



FourKites allows for optimization of companies’ supply chain via their mobile, cloud-based platform. This startup uses a proprietary algorithm combined with the world’s broadest data network to track shipments traveling globally. Knowing where shipments are located and when they will be delivered helps companies deliver shipments on-time, notify customers in advance when shipments will arrive late or early, and  minimize product loss, amongst other things. If bad weather is in forecast, FourKites allows for the rerouting of shipments in real-time, ensuring time and money are not lost. FourKites can also monitor load temperatures and analyze enterprise supply chain data.


Learn more at www.fourkites.com.



Children are naturally curious and interested in many different activities. Pearachute allows parents to discover classes, camps, and free events for their child to take part in to spark their creativity and passion. Parents can browse 1,000+ activities that can be filtered by their child’s age, by most popular activities, and by neighborhood. Pearachute is currently in five different cities and seeks to expand to more cities in the near future. Booking activities is easy and convenient. It takes one touch of a button to book a fun experience that will have a positive impact on your child.


Learn more at www.pearachutekids.com.



Crafty believes the workplace should be somewhere that employees want to be. With this in mind, they have created two programs: the Kitchen Program and the Events Program. If your office signs up for the Kitchen Program, Crafty will take charge of the office kitchen. They will stock snacks of your choice, supply coffee, drinks, and even alcohol. They will also fix appliances that are not working right. If your office is looking to have an event, look no further than the Events Program Crafty offers. From pop-up happy hours to off-site parties, Crafty has got you covered. They will do all of the planning as well as provide the food and beverages. They have held Cinco-De-Mayo parties, Holiday parties, Jazz Cocktail Hour, and more!


Learn more at www.craftydelivers.com.