The Holidays are the Best Time to Make Extra Cash: Here’s Why

With the season of giving right around the corner, are you beginning to wonder how to pay for all of those gifts and extra expenses? Not to worry, the holiday season is a great time to make extra cash.

By: Rachel Rosenthal

Many companies are offering higher pay this holiday season to entice workers due to the low unemployment rate and booming economy. This is good news for those looking for seasonal work. Businesses are ramping up their hiring efforts  to make the in-store shopping experience more enjoyable to bring customers through their doors. Talking to an employee face-to-face rather than an automated voice when asking questions or looking for a specific item can definitely improve a customer’s shopping experience.


Retail companies across the board are seeing a rise in online orders being placed. Online shopping makes purchasing easier for customers resulting in more orders being placed and more jobs needing to be filled to fulfill the orders. Delivery companies, customer service, and warehouses will be busier than ever over the winter months. These jobs are a great way to make extra cash during the holiday season and consistently have openings.


The holiday season tends to put people in a good mood. What’s not to like about spending time with family and friends, attending holiday parties, and eating your weight in turkey and Christmas cookies? Because of this, industries outside of retail see a spike in business during the holiday season. Owners of restaurants and catering, travel and hospitality, and event management businesses are always seeking workers during the fall and winter months to keep up with the influx of traffic.


Besides just the extra cash, seasonal work can have many benefits. If you are unsure about what industry you want to work in full-time, working during the holidays can be a great way to get a feel for what you like. Seasonal work can also be a great resume builder as it allows you to grow your skill set. In addition, jobs worked over the holiday season could lead to full-time jobs down the road.


If money is on your mind this holiday season, you may want to consider these seasonal positions to earn extra cash. There are many opportunities in a variety of industries that would be great options if you are looking for work. With many companies offering higher pay and flexible work schedules, a seasonal job can be a great, rewarding position.