Labor Day: A Day to Remember

Thank you and happy Labor Day from everyone at tilr.

By: Brian Gaysunas

Labor Day is soon upon us. This national holiday marks the end of summer but has deeper importance. This week tilr will celebrate Labor Day, as well as our two year anniversary of our official launch. Labor Day is the day that we want to commemorate you, our tilr Community Members.


What does Labor Day mean to you? To tilr, it’s the day that recognizes the hard work done by people in our nation throughout history. Labor Day is a national holiday for a reason – it’s important to take a step back and look at what American workers have done for the economy and growth of the nation.


Since the holiday was proposed in the early 1880s, the United States has undergone drastic change. The population has gone from 50 million to nearly 326 million, the telephone that had just been invented has gone cellular then mobile, and countless cities have been developed. Labor Day celebrates all of the work that went into building a strong country.


Now, the workforce looks different than ever before. Over 10% of Americans hold alternative employment arrangements, marking the rise of what is known as the gig economy. Workers have been able to create their own schedules to work gigs when they want based on available opportunities. This changing workforce indicates progress, and it will result in more accommodating schedules.


Thank you for another wonderful year, we hope your Labor Day treats you well!