3 Apps That Help You Save Money

We get it, saving money is difficult. See what team tilr uses to make budgeting problems disappear.

By: Claire CasaSanta

Have you ever had one of those moments when you look at your bank account and you are shocked by your own spending habits? We’ve all been there. It can be difficult to create a budget and even more difficult to stick to it. Have you ever wished you could make money without thinking about it? Luckily, there’s an app for that. Actually, there are three apps that we wanted to share that could do just that.



Acorns Logo Acorns is all about micro-investing, meaning investing a little bit of money at a time. The app connects with your credit card and rounds up your purchases. For example, if your morning coffee costs $2.25, $.75 will be pulled from your account and invested for you. After a quick, simple sign-up process, which includes filling out your bank information and answering a few questions to determine what kind of investment portfolio is right for you, you’ll get an overview of how the app will invest your spare change. Don’t worry, they make it simple to change your portfolio at any time. After you are started, the app will send you push notifications about any significant changes to your account, but will otherwise run on its own! You can check back to see how much money you have invested, how it has been invested, and how much money you have made. This app is perfect for anyone who wants to start building their investment portfolio but is unsure how to start.



Digit LogoDigit’s slogan is “save money, without even thinking about it”. Their technology works so that your main communication is via text. Rather than investing your money, Digit pulls your cash into a secure savings account for safe keeping. Digit analyzes your spending habits, and when it determines that you can spare a few bucks, will take the money out of your checking account. And don’t worry about over-drafting, they have a no-overdraft guarantee”. Transferring the money back to your account is as easy as sending Digit a text asking for it back. If you are someone who tends to spend, not save, Digit is the perfect app for you!


Tip Yourself

Tip Yourself LogoTip Yourself works a bit differently than the other two apps. Instead of the app automatically pulling money from your account, you’re the one controlling how much money to “tip” and put into a savings account. You can tip yourself for anything and for any amount. Give yourself $2.00 for not eating a whole pint of ice cream or $5.00 for actually going to the gym. You control how much money you’re saving. Like Digit, you can transfer the money back to your checking account at any time. Tip Yourself is all about getting in the habit of putting a little bit of money away every day, so it tracks your progress, tells you how much money you have saved in your tip jar, and will help you get into a routine of saving.


Naturally, giving your banking information to apps can raise a few security questions, but we would never tell our tilr Community about programs that had the possibility of being unsafe. All of these apps use encryption to secure your account and are FDIC or SIPC insured.


Now you have the best tools to save and invest your money. But how will you make the money to start saving? tilr gives you the freedom to work when you want, how you want. Plus, we pay weekly. Download today and get started!