The New Jobs Interface

In this update, we’ve introduced a new jobs interface and a location feature that makes it easier than ever to know what a job entails and where you need to be.

By: Brian Gaysunas

We’ve launched a new update that makes it easier to know what you have to do and where you need to be for every opportunity.


Updated job opportunity screen

The screen you see when you receive an opportunity has been revamped to display the details, requirements, and location of the job in different tabs to make it easier to review this information. You’ll see a breakdown of how much you can earn, what days you’ll be needed at work, and where you need to be.


The new tilr jobs interface.

A closer look at job location

A location feature has also been implemented into the app to see your distance from the job location right on the job details page. You’ll see where the opportunity is located on a map, as well as the distance from your home.


New tilr location feature - find your jobs easier.


Updated Terms & Conditions

With this update, you will also be further protected under Occupational Accident Insurance (OAI). This insurance will cover you in the incident of an accidental injury at the workplace when you are on assignment. To view the updated Terms & Conditions, click here.



This update is now available to all tilr users.