tilr is building a network of partners that supports independent workers’ rights, providing a sustainable solution for the new workforce. Each tilr Community Member has access to the tilr Association offerings. We focus on four key areas.


tilr offers members health and wellness solutions in order to live healthier lives.


Qualified members can enroll in medical benefits through Anthem’s Intermittent Workforce Program.  Anthem is one of the nation’s leading health insurance companies, with nearly 71 million people served by their superior care. Guardian insurance allows our tilrs to receive coverage for their dental and vision needs. Once Community  Members have completed 90 days of work and 350 hours of work in a quarter, they will be eligible to receive health coverage. Through our partnerships, independent workers will be able to work where they want, when they want, and be insured.


Our vision is to close the global skills gap. We partner with education organizations to provide our tilr members with training and development that will enable them to succeed throughout their careers.

Cengage Learning is the 11th largest publisher in the world. ED2GO is a division of Cengage that offers online courses and certifications backed by a network of over 2100 universities across the United States. Through the partnership with Cengage, tilr offers certified courses that allow members to “train up”, ensuring that Community Members can receive job offers for new and higher paying positions.


We believe in providing tilr members with the financial tools and education to help them save money and invest in their future.

Hyperwallet provides a powerful technology that allows us to streamline every aspect of the payment process. These services allow our workers to get paid how they want, whether it be direct to an account or even through a paycard.


Our Community Members lead active lives outside of work. Our lifestyle and community support partnerships will look at opportunities that will better everyday life, from local community involvement, to membership discounts and other perks.

Life Learning Center delivers a holistic, integrated continuum of learning and care to help ‘at-risk’ citizens to reach their highest potential. The Center is building a caring and serving community by helping people learn, secure and sustain a better way of living.

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