App Features & Updates | January 2017

Check out the latest and greatest in the tilr app.

Published on February 8, 2017

In this most recent version of the release we’ve made improvements to the way you receive your job opportunities and the way you work.

Job Summaries

We heard you. You want more information from companies on who you should speak with, what you will be doing, and the overall experience at your opportunity. When jobs are sent to you now a summary containing this information will be passed along from the company to you. As always, if you still require more information about a position you’re able to be connected with a tilr ambassador by clicking ‘support’ in the more menu.




Breaks are important. They allow you to eat, gather your thoughts, and recharge yourself during your shift. When jobs are sent to you now you will be able to see the amount of break-time you’ll have in a day. This will allow you to ensure you take opportunities that work for you and give you an accurate sense of how many hours you’ll be working in a day. Note: Each day of your job can have different lengths of breaks, make sure to review all the dates when looking at your total break time.



Checking In and Checking Out

Once you’ve been matched with and accepted your job, you’ll need to check in and check out of the job when you start. We’ve done a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure that checking in and checking out works more reliably in scenarios where you arrive to or depart from work early or late. And, in scenarios where a check out was missed. These changes are all under the hood, but they are big improvements to your work experience.









Now back to work!

Luke, tilr CTO