Bringing on an Independent Contractor? Here’s What You Need to Know

Ok, you made the decision to bring on independent contractors to work a gig for you. Here’s how to prepare:

Published on March 16, 2018

You’ve joined a growing number of companies who are utilizing independent contractors (ICs) to do work. This could be warehouse work, short-term administrative tasks, or working an event. No matter the industry, there are standard things to expect when working with an IC. Knowing these key points will help the whole experience go smoothly.



They are not your employee


ICs are not your employees. This is important to acknowledge for your relationship with the ICs and also for legal/tax reasons. You can tell an employee when, where, and what tools to work with. You can’t do this with ICs. You’ve come to an agreement and they will do what is in your contract, but you do not have the same control over this worker as you would with a standard employee.



First days are difficult for everyone


One of the biggest advantages of utilizing ICs is that you don’t have to train them. They already have the skills needed to complete the job. Yet, it is important to be mindful that the first day working with a new company is intimidating for everyone. ICs are coming in, ready to hit the ground running, but don’t get spooked if you have an awkward interaction or two at the beginning. Give the relationship time.



Feedback is essential


No one wants to do a job that they get no feedback from. On the flip side, bosses don’t want to be in charge but never get any feedback on how they are leading. Make sure you have a plan for the end of the job. This could be a short conversation or a written review. tilr gives you the chance to say if a Community Member’s performance was (thumbs up emoji) or (thumbs down emoji), and you have the opportunity to fill out a survey about your experience. On the flipside, Community Members give feedback on how their time with your company was too. Feedback is important for the IC’s professional growth and can help you get insights on what it is like to work with your company.



Go with the flow


ICs aren’t a brand new phenomenon, but they are part of a growing workforce. Chances are you will now be utilizing ICs more than ever before. If your first time working with one is a little rocky, don’t fret. It was probably weird the first time you rode in an Uber, and now you call one without a second thought.



Ready for your first day with an independent contractor? This is a pool of workers that is growing and changing the way we work (including worker classification). Your company is not only at the front of a trend that is only going to increase in popularity, but you’re driving results through the use of these skilled workers.