How the Broken Recruitment Process Can Be Solved

The recruitment process is ineffective. Many companies are unable to hire quickly and spend too much on recruitment when another solution is available.

Published on April 11, 2018

The current recruitment process, from the job posting to hire, takes an average of 43 days because there are extraneous steps in the process that really only result in more bias. The applicants who progress to the interview process might as well be selected at random; these selections are often made based on a recruiter’s personal preferences. With an evolving workforce and constantly improving technology, this process is becoming obsolete.

The solution

tilr matches immediately available workers to immediately available jobs, eliminating bias in the recruitment process and saving time and money. The recruitment process can be shortened from months to days or even hours using tilr. A focus on skills ensures positions are filled only by qualified workers, and it means no more resumes or interviews.

Instead of matching based on past job titles, tilr’s algorithm matches based on skills. This means that someone who has worked only as a customer service representative will not be paired with only customer service representative positions; the skills gained could make that person qualified for a variety of other positions. This also means that qualified applicants who may have been lost in the outdated recruitment process based on prior job titles could be hired using tilr.

You’ll be able to see the tilr process explained and a deeper dive into the recruitment process in our video, The Recruitment Process is Broken.