April 20, 2021

Fill The Gap With Skills: Changing Job Seeker Dynamics

Written by:
Samantha Shefsky
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This blog is directed at those who are contemplating their next job. Our tools at tilr can hopefully help you get on the right path.

The tilr app fills a gap in the recruiting ecosystem; a system that has been overwhelmingly focused on matching resumes to candidates. It was time for the recruiting process to be fixed. So, we are bringing change to the market. We match peoples’ skills to job openings.

At tilr we have built a talent intelligence platform that matches workers to employment opportunities as a currency of skills because we believe that not only is it a more efficient way to match available jobs to talent, but it also can be done in an unbiased and more equitable manner. What if you don’t have a resume, or you’re qualified for a job, but you have a different title that recruiters may automatically dismiss or fail to match? Let's face it - The sad truth is that chances are that in the post-pandemic era many positions in many industries will never return. Workers in these industries have many transferable skills; they should not be handicapped permanently by their previous job titles which may no longer exist.

In the process we developed ‘tilr matching index’ (tmi). Instead of “too much information”, ‘tmi’ seeks to make sure job seekers aren’t presented with unnecessary matches and recruiters receive only the most qualified candidates based on their skills.

Other benefits of the platform include the ability to practice video interviews. and upskill yourself for required skills by tapping into a wealth of training and education from TrainUp.Com, our educational partner. TrainUp offers the very best in career and job-based skills training at discounted rates. The best part, all of this can be accessed without ever having to exit the app.

With our better understanding of the broken recruitment system, let’s talk about the task of job search, everyone's least favorite activity because it is notoriously laborious and time consuming.

For anyone who has tried to look for a new job, specifically a new type of job, knows that job hunting is a pain! You write a resume (or a few!) and start searching on smorgasbord of job boards.

We match job seekers to jobs; this means that there is no need to search for jobs. Your top matches will come to you and you decide if it’s the right job for you.

To use tilr, you do not even need a resume. Our app can help you create a profile in minutes by simply adding your skills. We are simply playing the level field for job seekers.

Making DEI Matter

The tilr Matching Index (tMI) is heavily focused on skill, and that’s ultimately what should matter when it comes to landing a job. It should not be about who you know, what your name is, your gender, what you look like, your accent, or how well you can design a resume and cover letter. Ultimately, you need a set of skills to perform well on the job. This is what diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is all about.

At tilr, we are continuing to innovate and lead the charge towards a fairer and pain-free recruitment world. We are working on new features that can help job seekers streamline their application process while helping recruiters and hiring managers find the best candidates quickly and efficiently. We hope this blog post adequately explains why the job market needs to be reformed and fixed.

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