4 Reasons Why Gig Workers are Dominating the Event Space

As more and more workers are taking part in the gig economy, businesses are benefiting from these temporary workers. How can gig workers benefit your company?

Published on July 23, 2018

Gig work has become increasingly popular in the last few years. Workers love the ability to take on work whenever, wherever – and in different fields. The gig life allows people to support themselves in a completely new and flexible way that is enticing for individuals with a range of skills. The following are the top 4 reasons event companies should embrace gig workers.


1. Become more flexible

Using gig workers provides your business with much more flexibility – you can have as many or few workers as you want, when you want. You’ll be able to more easily split the work into different shifts, increasing the likelihood that you’ll find workers for the job. Once you’ve split the work, workers can pick shifts and fill any time slot you need. Some events need more workers than others, so you can use gig workers to maintain balance and meet the demand. Last minute no-shows are less likely, as only those who are available will accept the position.


2. Increase or decrease your staff based on need

Similar to the flexibility gig workers give your business, there’s an opportunity to meet the demands set by busier or slower times throughout the year in the event industry. You can properly meet these demands by working with gig workers, where you can determine exactly how many people you need and when you need them. This can also prevent workers from sitting around, waiting for things to get busy. Gig workers allow you to give every event the attention it needs.


3. Save money

One of the keys to saving your company money is only paying when you need to. In event management, it’s vital to only pay the people you need when you need them. By using gig workers, you won’t need to hire as many full time employees. You can instead work with gig workers based on how many people you need for the event. This can allow you to pay who you need, when you need, on everyone’s terms. By using gig workers, you have the ability to pick from a pool of workers who want to work and have availability throughout your event.


Does the caterer need extra hands? That’s easy enough to solve – get someone available that day, last minute by working with gig workers. Gig workers can save the day in the event space because of the large talent pool and their availability.


4. Diversify your workforce

You can get more innovative and diverse workers for your business by tapping into the gig economy. The beauty of the gig economy is that there are so many people with unique and valuable skills. By using gig workers, you will be sure to encounter a wide range of skilled workers who all have something different to add value to your company.


Gig workers grant companies an undeniable amount of freedom. I guess the next question could be, “Where do I find gig workers?” and you’re in the right place. tilr can help companies in the event space get matched with gig workers who have the skills required.