How AI Can Affect HR

Artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm, and human resources may be affected the most.

By: Brian Gaysunas

Technology has made improvements to the human resources industry with the introduction of digital recruitment and automated HR software. Despite this, the hiring process itself has remained relatively unchanged. Job boards make sourcing easier for employers, but examining resumes, screening candidates, and conducting interviews are the same as they were 30 years ago. This has already begun to change as artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more prevalent in HR.


Artificial intelligence will shake HR to its core. One of the key responsibilities of HR – recruitment – can be performed by AI. Although recruiters pride themselves on their ability to pick the right candidates, AI can make more accurate decisions based on data. Artificial intelligence allows for the hiring process to become a matter of determining the best fit workers for an open position based on the skills required for the position.


Any information used beyond a person’s skills and experience only steers towards bias. Artificial intelligence will be paramount in reducing bias in the recruitment process. The current methodology used for hiring is not conducive to workplace diversity, despite such a focus on diversity within human resources. Until we move away from the human element in human resources, we’ll be unable to avoid bias. Moving away from gut feelings and information tainted by bias will further remove the hiring process from bias.


The hiring process will not only become less biased, it will become drastically more productive and efficient through automation. AI can analyze candidate data and make suggestions in a matter of minutes, a major improvement on the current process that requires communicating back and forth alongside screening and interviews. Businesses can become more productive by shortening their hiring processes.


Artificial intelligence is making it faster, easier, and cheaper to manage human resources. Hiring may look drastically different after the introduction of AI, but for the right reasons: increased diversity, less biased recruiting, and a quicker hiring process. The wide-scale adoption of AI in human resources may take time, but it’s an inevitability that will change the industry as we know it.