17 HR Technologies Perfect for Small Businesses

Small business can struggle with human resources. These technologies make HR easy.

By: Brian Gaysunas

Small businesses owners often place human resources responsibilities on those who are ill-equipped to carry them out, whether that be themselves or their employees. This manifests in 70% of  businesses with 5-49 employees where employees with little to no HR experience have HR responsibilities. Incorporating benefits, managing payroll, classifying workers, and ensuring compliance can be too much for inexperienced employees to handle, leading to legal trouble and the loss of money. There are, however, a number of great HR technologies that can make HR easy, even for those who are inexperienced.


1. Bamboo HR


BambooHR HR Technology For Small Businesses

BambooHR is made with small businesses in mind. The software suite includes an applicant tracking system (ATS), time tracking and management, self-onboarding to speed up training, performance management, and an employee database with record-keeping. BambooHR is a complete HR suite that even offers a free trial.




2. Namely


Namely HR Technology For Small Businesses

Namely offers a solid platform for HR, payroll, and benefits. Namely includes an employee database with profiles, time-off tracking, benefits, payroll support, and support from HR professionals.




3. Workable


Workable HR Technology For Small Businesses

Workable is a platform intended to manage hiring. This software can source and track applicants as well as syndicate job advertisements. One of the best features of Workable is its talent CRM, which makes applicant tracking more simple.




4. EffortlessHR


EffortlessHR HR Technology For Small Businesses

EffortlessHR offers an employee portal for clocking in and out, viewing shared documents, and requesting time off. EffortlessHR is a cost-effective and simple HR platform that assists with PTO and time tracking. A 14-day free trial is also offered.




5. JazzHR


JazzHR HR Technology For Small Businesses

JazzHR is primarily an applicant tracking system and recruiting software, but is a powerful software that makes recruitment easier. JazzHR syndicates job postings to job boards and social media. The platform also helps build out interviews, job offer letters, and overall strategy.




6. Cezanne


Cezanne HR Technology For Small Businesses

Cezanne is a powerful HR suite with people management, onboarding & lifecycle management, time tracking, and tools to build out recruitment and compensation for workers. Cezanne also offers consultation for its users.




7. Breezy


Breezy HR Technology For Small Businesses

Breezy is a beautifully-designed software that streamlines candidate management, with different pipelines for different positions. Breezy HR also assists with job advertisement, candidate sourcing, email scheduling, team collaboration, and building career portals. Breezy offers a free trial.




8. Asure Software


Asure Software HR Technology For Small Businesses

Asure Software is focused on helping small businesses grow and succeed. Insights on employee performance, as well as workforce management, are offered by Asure Software. Asure Software makes time tracking, asset management, and human capital management easy by providing a database for employees and providing the information to make strategic decisions.




9. Zoho People


Zoho People HR Technology For Small Businesses

Zoho People is a fully-fledged HR software with pricing based on business size. There is even a free plan available for businesses with 5 employees or less. Zoho People offers an attendance and leave tracker, shift scheduling, an employee database management system and performance evaluations.




10. Accenture HR


Accenture HR Technology For Small Businesses

Accenture HR is a huge corporation, but their expertise can make for better HR strategy. Accenture HR works with small businesses and helps its clients implement HR operating models. This makes it easier to discover talent, build a positive culture, and foster employee performance.




11. XcelHR


XcelHR HR Technology For Small Businesses

XcelHR is an HR solution for any size of business, but can be especially useful for small businesses. XcelHR is a great solution for companies struggling with money management through its payroll, IRS tax reporting, and salary administration. XcelHR uniquely provides on-site HR assistance and can improve training and document management for small businesses.




12. WhenIWork


WhenIWork HR Technology For Small Businesses

WhenIWork has a unique feature that can help boost communication: Workchat. Workchat is an online instant messaging system that can allow employees to communicate with one another directly. WhenIWork also has a super clean time tracking and task management tool that even takes budget into consideration. Scheduling shifts and doling out tasks becomes streamlined through WhenIWork’s platform.




13. Zenefits


Zenefits HR Technology For Small Businesses

Zenefits is an affordable, newer HR solution for small businesses. Zenefits offers support for payroll, benefits, hiring & onboarding, performance management, and time tracking. Unlike most other HR solutions, Zenefits also offers compliance assistance to help small businesses better navigate legal compliance.




14. ADP


ADP HR Technology For Small Businesses

ADP is a behemoth HR and payroll company, but it has a small business division. You can get advice and guidance from the HR professionals at ADP for any size of small business. ADP offers multiple products for companies ranging from 1 to 49 employees for assistance with payroll, time tracking, hiring, insurance, and retirement fund options.




15. PeopleStrategy


PeopleStrategy HR Technology For Small Businesses

PeopleStrategy is a powerful human capital management (HCM) platform. PeopleStrategy assists with hiring and recruiting, onboarding, tax filing, benefits administration and enrollment, time tracking, and performance tracking. The platform can help you keep track of employees from before they begin working and throughout their employment.




16. CPEhr


CPEhr HR Technology Online

CPEhr has been in the HR space for over 30 years and remains relevant today because of its breadth of features. CPEhr allows for customers to mix and match the features they need or to gain access to the full suite of features. Among these features are customized new hire packets, offer letters, performance reviews, benefit packages, employee management, and training. CPEhr also offers consultancy for its users.




17. AonHewitt


Aon Hewitt HR Technology

AonHewitt offers retirement, health, and talent solutions. Aon is an especially useful source of advice, as the company is focused on risk mitigation. Small businesses that work with Aon can navigate rising health care costs and pre-hire assessments as well as improve employee health and wellbeing.




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