How Important Is Good Customer Service?

Customer service is an integral part of every business. Maintaining good customer service can make or break a business.

Published on December 21, 2018

Good customer service has always been one of the most important factors leading to a successful business. Customer experience is built almost entirely of customer service. This extends beyond call centers – customer service occurs whenever a customer is interacting with a worker for that organization. If people aren’t having their problems solved or if they feel like they are getting nowhere with customer service, it becomes the fault of the brand itself. A brand is only as good as its customer service.


Shared customer experience

Customer experience has always been shared – both negative and positive experiences with a company are often shared amongst friends and family by customers. Now, though, this shared customer experience extends globally through social media. Social media has made it easier for people to communicate with their favorite brands instantly and publicly. These interactions add to the customer’s overall experience with the organization.


Shared customer experience has made any interaction with customers hold more weight. 82% of customers have stopped purchasing from a company because of a poor customer experience. Businesses need to make a conscious effort to avoid negative experiences at every step of a customer’s purchase process. At the same time, positive customer service experiences can reshape how the public views a business. Polite, friendly customer service that can resolve problems can have a remarkable impact on public perception.


Without good customer service, a company can fail. Bad customer service results in the loss of customers and it becomes even more difficult to acquire customers. Because it’s easier to maintain relationships with current customers than acquire new ones, these losses are devastating. A company that is often unsuccessful in keeping customers satisfied will lead people to believe that the company is unable to meet their needs. They’ll quickly find a different option. Since customer satisfaction is central to how people view a brand, it’s important to invest in a stellar customer service team and technology that supports them. Finding better customer service is worth whatever it costs, but there are ways to improve customer service without spending more.




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