Midwest Startups Making Waves – Indianapolis, IN

A large startup ecosystem resides in the Midwest where there is an abundance of resources. Indianapolis, Indiana is contributing to the success and growth of these startups.

Published on October 30, 2018

As the spotlight on the Midwest as a thriving startup community continues to grow, we should focus our attention on Indianapolis. Indianapolis, IN is centrally located, making it easy to catch a direct flight to almost anywhere in the United States. Indianapolis also boasts a lower cost of living, which makes it a perfect place for entrepreneurs to get their business up and running. We are going to look at three successful startups that have made Indianapolis their home.


Springbuk (2015)

Springbuk believes that every healthcare decision should be backed by data. Springbuk is a health analytics software solution that unifies medical claims, pharmaceutical needs, and biometric and activity data. Springbuk focuses on three main areas including unifying data, simplifying reporting, and forecasting costs. To cater to specific needs, they support vendors, brokers, and employers. They know that decision making can be hard when presented with an overwhelming amount of data. Their intelligence platform delivers real-time insights about the health of their client’s population and their wellbeing program. Springbuk values continuous learning, which is made possible by strategic partnerships with America’s healthiest employers and by surveying winners of America’s Healthiest Employers Program.


Learn more at www.springbuk.com.


Lessonly (2012)

Lessonly promotes collaboration and learning amongst coworkers. Lessonly is a team learning software that translates important work knowledge into Lessons that allow for more effective training of employees. Users of Lessonly can create Lessons that share best work practices, important training material, and winning sales tactics to name a few. Educating employees via Lessonly saves time and money. Lessonly has worked with hundreds of companies to assist in employee training and as a result more than 400 companies use Lessonly to accelerate productivity. Lessonly believes that “work shouldn’t suck” and strives to help people implement strategies to promote a productive and inspiring work experience.


Learn more at www.lessonly.com.


Socio (2016)

Socio wants to help organizers take their event to the next level. Their user-friendly technology allows organizers to build a customizable app for their event which they can update from a laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Socio offers an abundance of features to choose from which allow organizers to select what will work best for their event. The digital agenda feature provides attendees a live schedule of the event. The interactive maps feature allows organizers to upload floor plans and maps of the event so attendees can see where activities are taking place. The push notification feature allows organizers to schedule important announcements to be sent out to update attendees on cancellations and room changes. If the event includes a panel discussion, the Q&A feature collects and showcases questions from the audience in real-time. The Q&A feature also allows the audience to engage and be part of the discussion from their smartphone. The features mentioned above are just a small sampling of what is possible with Socio. Socio is great for events, conferences, and trade shows. 


Learn more at socio.events.


Indianapolis, IN has provided the necessary resources to these three startups to be successful and to continue to grow. Springbuk, Lessonly, and Socio are passionate about learning and about providing a quality product to their customers. Keep an eye on these companies to see their growth over the next few years.