Companies in Indianapolis Making a Splash Through AI

Artificial intelligence has changed our daily lives and continues to develop applications in different fields. What companies in Indianapolis are leading the charge in AI?

Published on July 18, 2018

Indianapolis has a booming startup community, especially in tech. This community has been the birthplace of incredibly innovative companies that seek to shake up how we work, how we communicate, and how we interact with artificial intelligence. The following companies have seen a lot of success in Indianapolis:




Quantifi is a machine-learning marketing technology focused on risk management and analytics. With Quantifi, you have the ability to view risk in real-time with advanced technology. Quantify uses its machine-learning technology to give “clients the advantages of speed, scalability, flexibility, and usability”. The solution that Quantifi provides can help businesses gain a competitive edge and make more informed financial decisions.





DemandJump brings artificial intelligence to marketing through its Traffic Cloud™ platform. Traffic Cloud™ “analyzes billions of marketing touch points” to bring you the most relevant information. DemandJump provides cross-channel insights, competitive intelligence, interactive analytics, precision targeting, and prescriptive attribution to ensure that you are reaching the right people through the right channels, and with the most efficient spend.






Vemity is a company focused entirely on creating machine learning models using data. By using your data, Vemity “automatically optimizes machine learning architectures… and trains these models for high accuracy”. By using data classification and image classification artificial intelligence, Vemity can increase revenue and offers businesses a competitive edge.





hc1 is a healthcare CRM and growth platform. Healthcare companies that use hc1 receive real-time analytics that can guide decision-making. Artificial intelligence used by hc1 has uncovered critical insights on opiod usage. hc1 has continued to see massive growth since being founded in 2011, and is the highest rated healthcare CRM company.





smarterHQ is a marketing platform based on consumer behavior data. The platform uses machine learning algorithms to build product recommendations based on customer data such as unique actions or engagement across different devices and channels. The behavioral and transactional data pulled by smarterHQ makes it easier to build audiences, re-engage with customers, and send highly personalized messages.




These Indianapolis-based companies are using AI in new, exciting ways. Artificial intelligence can elevate how businesses operate and dramatically increase effectiveness and efficiency. If any of these companies could help you or your business grow, give them a further look.