Labor Day: More Than Pool Parties and Barbecues

A special thank you and happy Labor Day message from tilr.

By: Cullen Lewis

We get the day off every year to celebrate the end of summer and also to give ourselves a pat on the back for working our tails off as the year begins to wind down. But why does America recognize Labor Day as such an important holiday and why does it mean so much to tilr?


The creation of Labor Day dates back to 1894 when it was nationally recognized as a federal holiday.


Pullman Strike, 189

This decision was passed by President Grover Cleveland a short time after the Pullman Strike, a strike organized by the American Railway Union to protest lowered wages and increased hours. The strike is considered one of the most pivotal moments in history for labor laws in the United States. President Cleveland dedicated the first Monday in September to commemorate the contributions our entire workforce has made.


As we approach Labor Day, we want to commemorate you, our Community Members, for being the backbone of tilr’s success. Not so long ago, our co-founders and investors shared the same concern that in an economy gearing towards independent contractors, the traditional recruitment process has become outdated. Companies are losing valuable time and money hiring workers with this old fashioned process. Workers with valuable skills are being mismatched to their current jobs due to the process as well.


A dire need for change is present, and the solution is tilr. However, tilr was not a magic trick, where the app became live and everything became suddenly fixed. It’s an evolving process that we strive to improve each and every day. Each team member in our Cincinnati and Toronto offices continuously works to ensure workers are getting the jobs they are truly fit for and that employers are increasing productivity by decreasing the amount of money they spend hiring.


We have a very fun and exciting week scheduled as tilr celebrates Labor Day, as well as its one year anniversary. Stay tuned on our blog and social media accounts to see all of the cool things happening around the office throughout the week! We will be featuring a look back to tilr’s early days, show you how our team has grown,  and feature some of our rockstar Community Members!


From our tilr family to yours, we would once again like to say thank you and to have a happy and safe Labor Day!