Midwest Startups Making Waves – Louisville, KY

A large startup ecosystem resides in the Midwest where there is an abundance of resources. Louisville, KY is contributing to the success and growth of these startups.

By: Rachel Rosenthal

The Midwest is home to some of the most influential startups in the nation. Louisville is among the cities with the most prolific startup scenes in the Midwest, and some of the startups growing in Louisville now are on the path to shape the world.



Tracking and verifying service hours can be tedious and chaotic. MobileServe has made this process easier and more efficient. Gone are the days of paper check-ins and trying to remember dates and times. MobileServe is an app that records and organizes volunteer service hours and accompanying information at the click of a button.


MobileServe also has a nifty suite for organizers. The administrative dashboard provides group data at a glance. Organizers can log on and easily verify hours. MobileServe makes it easier for organizers to see the impact their organization is making. In addition, MobilleServe’s technology allows for verification of service hours. After attaching the volunteering location to their service log, a user can have their hours verified by a staff member via signature and email address. MobileServe handles all of the behind-the-scenes work, allowing volunteers and organizers to focus on serving.


Learn more at www.mobileserve.com.



CASPER Security

In 2015, the city of Louisville, KY noticed a big problem: half of all fires involving two or more buildings involved an abandoned property. The city was in search of a solution.


CASPER Security ensures the safety of all Louisville families living next to abandoned homes. CASPER monitors abandoned properties using autonomous solar powered event-responder technology that can operate up to six months without sunlight. Their technology can be paired to a cellular device to alert when there is dangerous activity such as smoke detector alarms or significant motion. CASPER Security detects potentially life-threatening situations so that immediate action can be taken.


Learn more at www.caspersecurity.com.




Meta Construction Technologies, LLC originated in the University of Louisville Entrepreneurship MBA Program in 2016. The goal of Meta Construction Technologies is to transform the heavy highway industry  with innovative software solutions. BlackTop, their first product, is a mobile tracking and dispatch platform that lets asphalt contractors request and track dump trucks. The app lets contractors request and approve truck drivers, then track sub-contracted dump trucks and equipment.  BlackTop sends real-time alerts to help manage job-sites. BlackTop allows communication directly between truckers and contractors allowing for jobs to be completed faster and more efficiently.


Learn more at www.meta-ct.com/blacktop.




WeatherCheck notifies property owners about damaging weather before it hits. Most people are unaware of damage to their house caused by bad weather until weeks or months later when repair or replacement is a lot more expensive. WeatherCheck makes it easy to check a property to see if it may have undetected damage that could be covered by insurance. If bad weather does occur, WeatherCheck automatically notifies property owners so that a claim can be filed right away. WeatherCheck helps people manage weather damage before it becomes damaging and costly.


Learn more at www.weathercheck.co.