Midwest Startups Making Waves – Madison, WI

A large startup ecosystem resides in the Midwest where there is an abundance of resources. Madison is contributing to the success and growth of these startups.

Published on March 4, 2019

The Midwest is home to some of the most influential startups in the nation. Madison has proven to be among the strongest startup communities not only in the Midwest, but in the nation. These startups showcase why Madison is regarded as such a great startup community.



healthfinch has built an automation platform focused on the organization and optimization of patient care. This platform is known as Charlie, a powerful tool that can catch medication areas, identify care gaps, assist in refill management, and automate visit planning to better engage with patients. Routine, repetitive clinical tasks can be automated by the Charlie Practice Automation Platform.

Learn more at www.healthfinch.com.



For an in-store grocery shopper, the GrocerKey app can be used to build shopping lists, search for product locations, view discounted items, use coupons, and perform a mobile self-checkout. The GrocerKey app can also be used for pickup and delivery of in-store items. GrocerKey is built to be integrated into grocery chains of any size, allowing grocery businesses to manage ecommerce, access purchase data, and offer a branded online store experience.

Learn more at www.grocerkey.com.



Redox is a platform dedicated to improving healthcare experiences across the board by exchanging patient data between provider organizations and technology vendors. Redox is built to be flexible with an API that can read, write, and query healthcare data with any partner. The Redox team is dedicated to the success of the vendors and provider organizations making use of the platform, offering both parties strategic support at every step.

Learn more at www.redoxengine.com.