Meet tily

Meet tily, our powerful mascot. Her mission is to highlight your true potential.

Published on February 3, 2017

On our website, social media, and the walls of our office, you can find a powerful little submarine named tily. tily the sub is a major part of our team, but we admit, it doesn’t seem obvious why we are so in love with this submarine.


In order to tell you why we chose a submarine as our mascot, we first have to talk about why we chose “tilr” as the name of our company. If you aren’t familiar with btiller to tilroats, then you probably don’t know what a tiller is. A tiller is a mechanism used to steer the boat and change directions. As a company, we strive to be a tiller for our Community Members and clients. When users download the app and join our community, they can decide that they want to stay on course in their current field, and can accept jobs that are like ones they’ve worked in the past. But, if they want to change their career and learn from new experiences and opportunities, they can use tilr to take control and change directions. At the same time, tilr allows organizations to steer their workforce strategy and recruitment practices in a manner that greatly reduces the time and cost to hire while providing an expanded talent pool.


Submarines have a tiller, but they also have something just as important to our mission – a periscope. The periscope allows submarines to see above sub using its periscope the surface level and explore a world that is different than the one they are submerged in. At tilr, we see above the surface level of job titles and resumes. We know there is more to your worker DNA than your most recent job and that resumes are not the complete scope of your capabilities and skills. This is why hiring based on job titles is not an effective way to bring in new talent to organizations. With tily’s periscope, we see all of your skills, and every skill matters – even the ones that you may have never thought to bring up in an interview or include on your resume. tily allows you to go beyond the surface level and use your skills to the best of your ability, while exploring a new world of opportunities.


For our clients, tily acts as the vessel that can highlight the true potential of our worker pool. The resume does not make the worker; skills make the worker. By going beyond the surface level, we are able to open up opportunities to a wide range of workers. We give our clients the Community Members who can bring a new perspective on culture, different ideas for the business, and a variety of skills.


We are a submarine for both our Community Members and our clients. We urge you to explore skills and opportunities that go above the surface level. Sometimes all it takes to get the job done is a different angle and fresh perspective. tily is here to guide you on this journey.