Hiring Workers from the On-Demand Economy

The on-demand economy is revolutionizing the way people work and how companies hire them. Use these workers in your workforce to fill your positions.

Published on February 23, 2017

The on-demand economy, or gig economy as many call it, is truly a revolution in the way people work. This part of the workforce allows workers to choose when and how they want to work. This provides flexibility and even an additional source of income for those who may already have a full time job. Check out our blog post on the state of the on-demand economy here.


The gig economy also provides a new way for companies to find workers through services like tilr. Incorporating on-demand workers into your workforce plan can save your company money and help you solve hiring and recruitment issues that exist today.


Find Immediate Help

Like its name implies, the on-demand economy can fill positions that your business needs filled immediately. Did your only hostess call in sick? Did a large order come in? Services like tilr can help you fill positions in just a few hours or even minutes. Simply enter the skills you need and your requirements, and let tilr do the work in finding you the best candidate. Keep your business operating and keep your customers happy by ensuring they will get the service they need. You can bring on just the amount of workers you need, saving your business money. By leveraging the on-demand economy to help you during these situations, you can get qualified workers who are ready to help your business, on the spot.


Find Seasonal Workers

Planning out a workforce strategy for seasonality can be difficult and time-consuming. From the holiday shopping season to back to school shopping, your business may get busier during certain times of the year. You may be able to project your sales and your busy periods, however finding the people to work during these times takes you away from the things that matter the most in your organization. Utilizing on-demand staffing services provides a way for you to get the workers you need with minimal effort. It also ensures you have qualified staff during your peak periods. By incorporating on-demand workers into this strategy, you can choose to start this process, from months in advance or just days before. You can also scale up or back when necessary, ensuring you are only spending money on the number of workers you need.


Find Expertise for Projects

A fresh perspective should always be welcome in organizations. Outside people bring new ideas and can break up your company’s way of approaching problems. The on-demand economy is the perfect place to source individuals to include in short-term projects and initiatives within your organization. There are many workers in the on-demand economy that are highly skilled or experts in a specific field. Hiring on-demand workers for projects can also be an easy way to help budget projects and ensure that you are only bringing on people when you need to, at the price you desire.


Find Workers for All of Your Positions

Businesses of all sizes are always on the lookout for the best talent to work within their organizations. Small businesses often struggle more with filling positions. According to a 2016 study from Babson College, 72% of small businesses surveyed said they found it difficult to find qualified workers to fill their positions. Since tilr is based on skills rather than resumes and job titles, businesses of all sizes can find the qualified workers they need. If you decide to take advantage of the on-demand economy and the workers it has to offer, you can evaluate if someone is a good cultural and skill fit to your company. You are not committing to hiring this person for a full-time position but may choose to do so later. Adding on-demand workers to your workforce strategy is a cost effective way to get the talent you need and to fill your open positions.


The on-demand economy provides the same flexibility to its workers as it does the companies who decide to implement it into their human resource strategy. It can provide businesses, like yours, the types of workers that you need from last minute help to a subject matter expert. On-demand recruitment can also supplement your traditional hiring efforts and quickly fill your positions.



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