It’s Time to Get an Outside Perspective

Bringing in an independent contractor can give your company a whole new perspective.

Published on March 26, 2018

Getting an outside opinion is beneficial and constructive for the workplace. This can come from an employee in a different department or from an independent contractor. Someone with a completely different perspective can transform a project.

Stepping out of your comfort zone


An outside perspective will disrupt your team’s comfort zone. Too often, teams can ease into “cruise control”; taking the safe and comfortable way to complete projects. So, a different perspective from outside of your team can shake things up, push everyone out of their comfort zone, and build trust. The most successful projects are the ones that take risks and challenge the status quo.

Bring on a specialist


If you are working on a project that is outside of your knowledge base, an outside perspective can be beneficial. They can attack the roadblocks you are facing head-on and clear the path towards completion. As a result, your team will see how to solve complex problems from the specialist. This expertise will be an added edge to your team.

An unbiased opinion


How your company approaches projects can get influenced by a team’s closed sense of strategy. A person with a fresh, new perspective will be unafraid to show your company a different way to approach projects. This is a chance to create a more efficient way to work and get fresh eyes on the project. John Behrens from Imaginasium says, “the right partner, removed from any internal baggage, can help bring things out of the weeds to solve your challenges in the broad context of what you’re trying to achieve as a business.”

Focus on one project


If you were to bring in an independent contractor to work on a project, their focus would be on one project. They would not get distracted by the daily buzz and side tasks that go on around your office. They can dedicate their time to completing that project you need finished. After their project is completed, you can keep them on for another one or tell them “job well done,” and dismiss them.


Whether you want to solve your company’s most complex problems or need an extra hand in completing a project, gaining an outside perspective will make your day-to-day operations run much more smoothly. If you need an outside perspective to help out your business, reach us at and find out how tilr can help you find workers in as little as 24 hours.