You Posted a Job on tilr, Now What?

You posted your first opportunity on tilr and your first Community Member is on their way! Here’s what you should know before their first shift.

By: Claire CasaSanta

You’ve posted your first job on tilr and a qualified tilr Community Member has accepted the opportunity. These are a few helpful tips to make sure the experience is a success.


How Community Members Use the App

tilr member uses the app

Community Members use the tilr app to access all information pertaining to the work opportunity. This includes accepting or declining the opportunity, clocking in and out (breaks are automatically taken out of their pay), and payment. Don’t worry, tilrs won’t need to be on their phone while ‘on the job’ – it’s simply used as a tool prior to their start time, and at the end of the job when they clock out!


Rating Members

Business man rates the tilr members he had for the day

Once a shift is complete, you have the opportunity to rate each tilr who worked the shift. If the experience was positive, you can rate the tilr with a thumbs up. If you would like to hire the tilr Community Member you worked with, you are able to do so, directly through the web app. However, if you feel that they did not complete the job to your standards, the experience was negative, or you feel that they are not a good fit for the opportunity, you can rate them with a thumbs down. In the unlikely case when a negative experience has occurred, that Community Member will no longer be sent work opportunities for your company.


Viewing Invoices

Business woman viewing tilr invoices Invoices can be viewed online at any time via the web app and are posted weekly on Wednesdays. Your designated Account Manager will be in touch to verify hours with you directly, every week. If you ever have any questions about your invoice, contact your Account Manager who can help to solve all invoice related matters.



When you get workers through tilr, we work to ensure that you are getting sent the best possible person for the job! We know this is a revolutionary and new way to get workers, so please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments that you may have about the process.