Best Practices for Posting Your Job on tilr

When creating a job posting on tilr, these are the key points to keep in mind to ensure your job reaches the right people.

Published on June 18, 2019

Using tilr is a way to find workers more easily, but you should make sure to utilize the platform to its fullest extent to yield the best results. Your job will match with the right people by following the best practices for posting on tilr. Selecting the most relevant skills when creating a job posting, ensuring details surrounding the job are included in the summary, and utilizing recommended job templates can help you match to more qualified individuals in a timely manner.


Selecting the most relevant skills

tilr focuses on the worker’s skills rather than resumes and past job titles, which better captures what each worker is capable of. Unlike the job posting sites you’re used to, you will need to update a skills section on tilr. In this section, you can add skills that workers will need to be successful in the role you are looking to fill. Since this may be unfamiliar, it’s important to know what skills to include – and how many. Skills should only be ranked if they are absolutely needed for getting work done at the job you are trying to fill. If any skill is nonessential or can be picked up quickly at the job site, you can leave the ranking for that skill blank.

By only selecting the skills that are mandatory for the position, your job will be better matched to qualified candidates. Skills that are at the core of a job should never be skipped. If essential skills are not ranked, workers who are not qualified for the job may be matched. Inversely, skills that can be developed during the job or skills that don’t need years of experience to master don’t need to be ranked.


Writing a detailed job summary

When you are building a job posting on tilr, one of the most important considerations to make is what information to include in the job summary. The key information to convey to a tilr Member is where to go, what they’ll be doing, and who they should speak to. Writing this information in your job summary helps both you and the tilr Member stay organized. This information also helps tilr Members better determine if it’s a good fit. tilr Members are more likely to accept a position with a clear job summary. Members want as many details about the job as possible because it guides them on their first day and ensures that your opportunity goes smoothly.


Utilizing recommended job templates

To quickly create a job, you also have the option to use recommended job templates. We’ve created a series of recommended jobs based on frequently requested jobs by companies who use tilr. After you’ve selected a job title and industry for your posting, all job templates will be searched for matches. Any template matching your selection will then be displayed under Recommended job templates. When you find an exact match or a very similar job template, click that template to add it. Each job template is built by tilr based on the skills most needed to succeed in each position from positions that are frequently posted onto the platform.


After posting your job on tilr, it will be sent out to the people whose skills and availability most closely match your business’s needs. Those matched will have the ability to accept or decline the job after being notified, so the people that go to work for you are both qualified and committed to your job. Now that you know how to make the most effective job posting on tilr, get out there, get posting, and get the workers you need!