How to Properly Use “tilr” in Your Vocabulary

Don’t worry, tilr HQ is here to give a crash course on tilr-ing to all our tilrs.

By: Jenny McGregor

Over a year after our launch, tilr has flourished into an amazing community that continues to grow every day. So much so that “tilr” has become somewhat of a colloquialism. In fact, the word “tilr” has become as much a part of our everyday lives as the application itself. So for the first time, we’re going to break it down for you, dictionary-style:




1. A free mobile app that matches you with jobs based only on your skills.

By eliminating interviews, resumes, and cover letters, tilr removes the bias from the hiring process.


2. An enthusiastic, driven person who works jobs they get matched with on the tilr app.


3. A user of the tilr app who has completed their skills profile, onboarding call, and background check.

Amanda completed her onboarding call and worked her first shift as a tilr over the weekend.


Verb, tilr-ing; tilr-ed

5. To work a shift through the tilr app.

I’ve been tilr-ing with the coolest company for the last month and they just offered me a full-time position.