How to Meet Your Recruiting Goals in 2019

Meet your recruiting goals this year by taking a new approach.

Published on January 31, 2019

You’ve likely established your goals for the new year, but how are you going to reach these recruiting goals in 2019? With a tightening labor market, the best way to improve on last year’s results will be to consider a new approach.


1) Spend less on recruiting

When it comes to business, at the top of nearly everyone’s mind is to spend less and do more in the new year. It’s only natural to want to improve on the performance of the past year. If you plan to spend less energy and money on your recruitment efforts, one way to do so is by implementing tilr into your recruitment process. Hiring new employees can be costly when you factor in the costs of advertising and training. With tilr, you can post your job for free and get qualified workers as soon as matches are found.


2) Be more efficient

In 2019, you can spend less time trying to find workers by any means necessary and just stick to one that works. Finding workers is becoming increasingly difficult with the shrinking unemployment rate, so you’ve likely started using any and every method to fill your open positions. However, posting on any job board you can and employing different staffing agencies can leave you disorganized. tilr can help you declutter by sending you the best-fitting workers with no interviews to conduct and no resumes to sift through.


3) Get better results

Saving time and money leads directly into getting better results. You will be able to meet your labor demands throughout the year without having to surpass your allotted recruitment budget. Because tilr offers jobs to workers as assignments with a set end date, you will be able to bring on workers for exactly how long you need them. tilr can help guide you towards better results by offering the best-fit workers when you need them.


4) Build employment brand

It’s also important to build your employment brand this year. A magnifying glass has been placed on the hiring practices of large companies and now is a good time to make sure that your company has a positive employment brand. This can come in the form of improving diversity, as well as giving a chance to people who may have otherwise been overlooked based on their past work experience. By focusing solely on skills, tilr is leading the charge towards a less biased recruitment process.


This year may be a challenge for your recruitment team, but tilr can help you make it your best year yet. tilr will help you reach your goals by offering an easily accessible on-demand workforce. To learn more about how to meet your recruitment goals this year, you can schedule a demo with tilr here.