How Can You Earn Money in Your Spare Time After Retirement?

Finding work and making money after retiring from a full-time position is proving to be difficult.

Published on July 10, 2018

It’s important to consider different ways to make money after retirement, especially now that retirement savings aren’t lasting as long anymore. It’s easier said than done to make money after retirement – but how can you actually do it? What are your options for making money after retiring that don’t take away from your retirement?


Make use of the gig economy

The gig economy has provided new opportunities to make money. Working gigs allows you to maintain full control over your schedule and only do work that you’re interested in. This can come in the form of popular driving and delivery platforms such as Uber and DoorDash, pet-sitting opportunities through Rover, odd jobs found through TaskRabbit, or working freelance and gig positions with large companies or small businesses, using apps like Fiverr and tilr.


By finding something that you like to do, along with the freedom provided by choosing when you work, you can make a lot out of your free time. Not only does this help keep you busy, it pays the bills. Gig work can be lucrative, especially for those who have years of experience. After retirement, you’ll have acquired skills that can be applied in different areas. For example, if your career revolved around operations, your skills could be applied to event management or planning. tilr is an app that looks at the skills you’ve acquired, then finds jobs in different fields that you’d be qualified for.

Think creatively

Find what your skills are, then think of new ways to apply them. If you are an avid reader, you might make a good editor on Fiverr or similar freelance websites. If you love arts and crafts, look into Etsy, where you can sell your creations online. If you have a knack for design – traditional or digital – try out Calypso Cards or Blue Mountain Arts, where you can create gift cards for profit. Any extra space you have in your home could be an airbnb listing. Your writing skills could be used for copywriting. Your business acumen could make you a great consultant. You don’t need to extend your career path to continue making money – use your skills in new, interesting ways to stay motivated and to make money.


Retirement doesn’t always mean the end of work, but it can mean another fresh start. If you experienced burnout or extreme stress in your career, you have the chance to find something that suits your interests and lifestyle. Evolutions in technology have made it easier now than ever before to work around your schedule.