Meet the Team: Summer 2017 Interns

Meet our two fabulous summer interns

By: Claire CasaSanta

Meet Mikala Howard

Tell Us About Yourself

Hi, I’m Mikala. I am a senior at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I am studying Interactive Media and Graphic Design. I am a Cincinnati native and love exploring new places around the city! I am really passionate about photography and I love that every picture you take has an experience and story behind it. Another passion that I have is finding new music and artists on Spotify. I am a strong believer that music can help feed your soul and give you the good vibes that you need to get through the day. Overall, I am excited to work for tilr and in the startup community. I can’t wait to take what I learn here and apply it out in San Francisco, as I take part in the AIMS Digital Innovation Program in the fall!


What Are You Doing For tilr This Summer?

As a marketing intern, I create digital and print pieces, ads, and collaborate with different teams to create a stronger brand image for tilr in the Cincinnati area. I also help plan community events, social media and other marketing materials to help increase brand awareness in the community. I believe the experiences people have can affect how they perceive certain things. I hope my summer at tilr can help create a positive experience for our users and future users!


What Was The First Job You Ever Wanted as a Kid?

The first job I remember wanting as a kid was to become a teacher. I used to play “school” with my friends as a kid. My friends used to be the students and I would play the teacher whenever we would get together. I was probably the worst friend ever because I would make them do math problems that I would make up and grade after they were done.


What Skill Would You Want To Learn?

I would love to learn how to play the guitar. Music is a big passion of mine and I think it would be cool to be able to practice that passion in a different way… now if only I could sing.


Meet Kate Butterfield

Tell Us About Yourself

Hi, I’m Kate. I’m currently a senior at Miami University studying Interactive Media and Graphic Design. As a creative thinker, I love taking blank content and turning it into something beautiful. I’m from Cleveland, OH (Go Cavs) but I’m living in Cincinnati this summer and I’m loving it so far! In the fall, I’ll be headed to San Francisco to get my creative juices flowing and further explore the startup world as part of the Digital Innovations program at Miami. Aside from my professional life I really enjoy petting dogs, binge watching How I Met Your Mother and exploring new places with friends.

What Are You Doing For tilr This Summer

My role with tilr is to help strengthen our brand image by creating awesome content that makes people want to become a part of what we do. I’m focused on the creative strategy behind our app, website, and brand in general. I also help with brainstorming ideas for community outreach, social media management, and other areas of marketing.

What was your first job?

I started this epic journey at the one, the only, Wendy’s. Food service is not necessarily my forte, but working at tilr has taught me that all skills are important. It was a rough time, but look at me now!

If you could work in any other department in tilr, where would you work?

If I could work in any other department, it would probably be the customer success team. I think it would be cool to interact with real users and understand how tilr has the ability to impact their life and lead to better opportunities. It’s awesome that we have such a collaborative work environment here at tilr that has allowed me to understand how the customer success team works.