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How It Works
Update Your Profile For the Holidays
Looking for Work This Holiday Season? Here’s How to Make Sure Your tilr Profile is Ready

Using the tilr platform to get part-time and full-time roles and earn extra money during the holiday season is easy.

Best Practices for Posting Your Job on tilr
Best Practices for Posting Your Job on tilr

When creating a job posting on tilr, these are the key points to keep in mind to ensure your job reaches the right people.

How tilr ensures you find the workers you need
How tilr Ensures You Find the Workers You Need

tilr takes a new approach to staffing to ensure you find the right workers for your business.

Solving the broken recruitment system
How the Broken Recruitment Process Can Be Solved

The recruitment process is ineffective. Many companies are unable to hire quickly and spend too much on recruitment when another solution is available.

What you need to know about Independent Contractors
Bringing on an Independent Contractor? Here’s What You Need to Know

Ok, you made the decision to bring on independent contractors to work a gig for you. Here’s how to prepare:

How to Properly Use “tilr” in Your Vocabulary

Don’t worry, tilr HQ is here to give a crash course on tilr-ing to all our tilrs.

tilr Ambassadors
Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About tilr Ambassadors

Inside the colorful personalities behind the phone.

Why use independent contractors
Why tilr Works with Independent Contractors

You won’t believe the value independent contractors can add.

What We Mean by “Job Offer”

When you receive a job offer through tilr it is important to know what that really entails.