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On-demand Economy
What is the gig economy?
Gig Economy 101: What is the Gig Economy?

The term is often thrown around – but what do people mean when they say “gig economy”?

Qualities of a temporary employee
The 4 Top Qualities Employers Look for in a Temporary Employee

Companies need temporary employees – but what do they look for?

Outside Perspective on tilr
It’s Time to Get an Outside Perspective

Bringing in an independent contractor can give your company a whole new perspective.

Portable Benefits
We Need to Give Portable Benefits More Attention

The legislative steps that are being taken to provide independent contractors with stability.

What you need to know about Independent Contractors
Bringing on an Independent Contractor? Here’s What You Need to Know

Ok, you made the decision to bring on independent contractors to work a gig for you. Here’s how to prepare:

Stability for Independent Contractors
Will Independent Contractors Ever Have Stability?

We should no longer view independent contractors as a minority in the workforce.

Why use independent contractors
Why tilr Works with Independent Contractors

You won’t believe the value independent contractors can add.

Contigent Workforce
Who is Leading the Contingent Workforce?

The contingent workforce is backed by the millennial generation. How will you use this generation’s unique skills to your business’s advantage?

Holiday Work
Winning the Holiday Work Season

The busiest time of the year for the contingent workforce is during the holiday season. How will you make the most of it?