Are You Ready for Tax Season?

As a Community Member on the tilr platform, you are classified as a 1099 worker, or independent contractor and need to save money for your taxes.

By: Samantha Shefsky

Tax season is right around the corner!

As an independent contractor, also known as a 1099 worker, you are paid your full salary with no deductions. Because you are responsible for paying your own state and federal income and self employment taxes at year end, it is important to set aside some money and make sure you are covered.



Find out how much you owe

tilr wants you to have a leg up so that you will be prepared! We’ve partnered with Painless 1099 to give our Community Members access to a tax calculator. It is a great way to estimate how much you will owe for 2017 taxes.



Click the link below and start calculating, and then don’t forget to set it aside, you’ll thank us later!