Fast Company: tilr CEO Responds to AB5 and the Need For Portable Benefits

All eyes have been on the gig economy with the recent passing of AB5. tilr’s CEO addresses what the bill means for the gig economy and why portable benefits are important for the industry moving forward.

Published on October 9, 2019

At tilr, we’ve always remained committed to the Community Members on our platform and bringing them not only a new way to work, but the support and resources they need. We believe those who select a gig lifestyle deserve support like fair wages, flexible schedules, paid sick days, and health and other insurance benefits within all marketplaces – including Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash.

In early October, our CEO and Co-founder, Carisa Miklusak penned an article in response to California’s Assembly Bill 5 being written into law by Governor Gavin Newson for Fast Company. The law quickly became a huge source of discussion in both the gig economy industry and business as a whole. While the bill greatly impacts the gig economy in California, Miklusak believes it’s a catalyst for moving the conversation around portable benefits for independent contractors forward, rather than jeopardizing the gig economy as we know it.




Miklusak’s view of portable benefits is well reflected in the tilr Association, a network of resources for Community Members on the tilr platform. The tilr Association has been a part of tilr since our market launch in 2016. It includes access to resources like health benefits and insurance, education, savings and other perks. The tilr Association aims to provide support for gig workers and begin to build the safety net Miklusak mentions.

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