How tilr Is Redefining Staffing

The staffing industry has been stale and inefficient for the greater part of the last decade. tilr is changing the way both companies and workers see staffing.

By: Brian Gaysunas

In the traditional staffing world, decisions are made based on some combination of education, prior job titles, and how a candidate performs in an interview. Unfortunately, this process allows for quite a bit of bias to trickle in; qualified candidates may be turned away because of a biased recruiter. Turning away qualified workers can be especially detrimental now, as companies are struggling to even find qualified workers. tilr instead uses an algorithm based on skills that creates matches between workers looking for jobs and businesses with available positions. Instead of looking at job titles or other details like name or education, tilr looks only at skills to avoid situations where qualified candidates are turned away.


Hiring managers often struggle with the long lead times inherent with traditional staffing, which is becoming more of a problem because candidates want quicker feedback now more than ever before. With the rise of job-hopping and the gig economy, it’s clear that workers are constantly looking for new opportunities and want to work in different environments. tilr allows both businesses and workers a degree of flexibility – businesses can bring on workers to meet demand and qualified workers can work whenever and wherever they want.


tilr presents an opportunity to staff according to demand, even down to the day of. So instead of having too few workers on a busy day or too many workers on a slow day, tilr can balance the workforce. Businesses that have less day-to-day demand spikes and drops but often deal with seasonal demand shifts equally benefit.


Regardless of whether workers are needed for one day or months, tilr can be a solution. If the job proves to be the best fit for both a company and the worker, tilr also allows for temp-to-hire. Unlike a staffing agency, tilr is an on-demand platform that offers a larger pool of talent with automatic job matches through our skill-based algorithm.


tilr connects businesses with people who are ready to work and have the required skills. This can drastically reduce the time it takes to find the right worker through traditional methods. Because tilr has the best interests of workers and businesses in mind, it can take less than a day to be matched with the best-fitting workers. By drastically shortening lead times, increasing flexibility for workers and businesses, and making matches based on skills, tilr is redefining staffing.