Why tilr Works with Independent Contractors

You won’t believe the value independent contractors can add.

By: Claire CasaSanta

Working with independent contractors (ICs) is at the core of our company. We’ve discussed what the term “independent contractor” means and how your business can incorporate these workers. But, we’ve never divulged why we, as a company, chose to pursue working with ICs.

  1. The workforce is growing and changing. We are on track for 50% of the workforce to be freelancing by 2020. Our society’s values are changing – workers demand more flexibility and control over how they work. To mirror these workforce trends, we created the first sustainable ecosystem for ICs. tilr supports this talent pool with resources that match their needs.
  2. ICs are happier. Freedom, choice, and flexibility equal a happier life than the traditional 9 to 5 worker. A study done by the McKinsey Global Institute found that 97% of ICs were much happier. Those interviewed cited opportunities for development, the assignments they undertake, and flexibility as reasons they had a greater satisfaction in their work. The tilr app gives ICs control over what jobs they accept and the option to opt-out if a position isn’t a great fit.
  3. New perspectives create innovation. Whether it’s your product, process, or policies, full-time employees are too close and too invested to see changes that can be made. The outside perspective of an IC can provide insight into ways to innovate and improve your company.
  4. ICs are equipped with the skills needed. Between orientation and onboarding, training is one of the costliest parts of hiring a new worker. ICs only need to know about what pertains to them; not vacation time, benefits, or company policies. They are there to complete a job in a field that they are experts in. The best ICs can hit the ground running on the first day, without marking off your whole day for training.

The traditional workforce isn’t just changing for workers, companies are also demanding a better way to hire. With a low unemployment rate and rise in job openings, it has never been more difficult to hire. According to SHRM, 67% of HR professionals are having trouble finding workers. The process of going through resumes and conducting interviews is too time-consuming. It has become more and more difficult to find talent.


At tilr, we make utilizing independent contractors simple and quick. This is why our technology alerts members that match the skills you need right away so they can accept and get to work. Interested in seeing how tilr can impact your company? Email us at sales@tilr.com.