July 6, 2021

What Did Summer 2021 Have in Store for the Employment Market?

Written by:
Samantha Shefsky
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Everything from Cities that have hiring booms and Job sectors that started hiring en masse.

We are well past the summer of 2021. It’s warm out there, and everything just feels a whole lot lighter. As we move past this long-anticipated summer (thanks to easing of Covid-induced restrictions), let's take a look at what was in store for the labor market. Let's look into everything such as cities that are experiencing a post pandemic boom and the economic sectors that have increased hiring. I’ll show you how to navigate these waters in a not-too-distant future.

First and foremost, a lot has changed in the last year and half, and I want to acknowledge the hardship that many endured during the pandemic. It cannot be overstated enough that the US suffered a massive public health crisis and a severe economic downturn. Collectively as a society, we watched our economy and daily lives come to a screeching halt, and now we are watching it slowly picking up.


As most of us know, large cities have long been a mecca for finding jobs and sourcing the best talent, think New York City and San Francisco, for example. However, the pandemic has changed this. With more and more companies relaxing their remote work policies, and many employees claiming that they’re more productive working from home, there is less of a need to remain in New York and San Francisco. More and more people consider lifestyle as a key data point in their decision to move to smaller, less expensive cities.

There seems to be varying research results when it comes to the best cities to find work in. Although, there is a lot of overlap, many sources cite one off cities that did not recur anywhere else in my research. These top 5 cities were mentioned multiple times, enforcing a growing belief that they are great places to find work.

First and Foremost: Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City is beautiful and very rich when it comes to outdoor recreation. You can make a solid living in Salt Lake City and currently it’s one of the easiest cities to find a job in. If you have skills related to business, finance, technology, healthcare, or biomedical research, this might be the city for you.

Austin, Texas

Austin has been a popular city for a number of years. The city has a lot to offer and is filled with young professionals, not to mention many technology companies that have moved their offices to Austin from San Francisco. A few of Austin’s biggest employers are Whole Foods and Keller Williams Realty, not to mention Tesla that just announced it will build a large factory outside of the city with an estimated 5,000 new jobs. If you’re in technology, finance, leisure, and Hospitality, Austin is your city!

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix has grown tremendously in the last few years, mostly thanks to its three metro areas, Phoenix, Mesa and Scottsdale. There is a high medium income, and the unemployment rate is 3.1%. It has been forecasted that software companies will grow their employment here by 10%. Healthcare is also a sector that continues its pace of hiring unabated with such companies as HonorHealth and Magellan Healthcare among leading employers.  

Orlando, Florida

If you like the sun, Orlando can be a gret choice for you. This city is hiring aggressively. Florida, in general, never really shuts down, and it seems that its job market has remained stronger than most other cities during the pandemic. Experts believe it will only continue to grow, one of the main reasons is that the state has no income tax and it is business friendly. For example, Goldman Sachs is considering opening up their asset management division in Miami.

Burlington, Vermont

This one might come as a surprise but Burlington, VT is gaining popularity and is tied with six other cities for having some of the lowest unemployment rates in the US. Many businesses have moved to Burlington to lure professionals to the State’s picturesque landscape and its endless outdoor activities that are considered hallmarks of a healthy and good quality lifestyle. As someone who comes from the east coast, it has undoubtedly attracted a lot of people from New York City. This past year the State of Vermont offered people that had secured a job in Vermont a relocation grant to sweeten the deal!

A Look at Hot Job Sectors

According to the Employment Situation, put out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics each month, nonfarm payroll employment increased by 559,000 and the unemployment rate dipped by 0.3% from April to 5.8% in May. A major industry highlighted in the report was Leisure and Hospitality. Hiring in this industry increased by 292,000 in May, with bars and restaurants 186,000 jobs, amusements, gambling and recreation 58,000 jobs, and accommodation 35,000 jobs . This industry has increased hiring all around the United States and will continue to do so as life returns to normalcy. If you previously worked in hospitality and or looking to make a quick buck this summer, leisure and hospitality might be for you. According to Fast Company, using data from Monster and CareerBuilder, the following industries are offering plenty of job opportunities:

Logistics and Transportation

Our supply chains have been challenged over the last year and a half. As the economy picks up momentum, it’s no surprise that businesses related to moving goods and materials are hiring. Among the jobs most popular in this category were heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers, light truck, delivery and warehouse personnel. The job site Indeed indicated that demand for specialists in logistics increased by 120% in March.

Sales, Marketing and Customer Service

If you have experienced longer than normal wait times, trying to get in contact with a company's customer service team, then you know this sector is hiring. Customer support remains number one in job growth at CareerBuilder and sales reps were listed in their ‘hot jobs’ list. As stores continue to open and operate at full capacity, demand for retail salespeople heats up.


It seems as though growth in the technology sector never lets up. This sector hired all throughout the pandemic and is still in high demand, especially security engineers, according to CareerBuilder. Also, let’s not forget that last year we spent much of our working life on zoom and we used contactless payment systems. Think of all the tech professionals it takes develop and maintain these systems.


Registered nurses are among the topmost in-demand jobs cited on CareerBuilder and Monster. After the strain on our healthcare system, this should come as no surprise. Healthcare in general was one of the top 10 industries that added jobs in April, according to the Jobs Report.

Construction and Building

Like most job sectors, construction and building were put on hold in many cities. This was also the case for private homes. Now that the vaccine is here, people are doing the long-awaited housework that they had put off. Not to mention the housing market in every state is out of control, compounding the accumulated demand for construction workers. If you or anyone else is a welder, fabricator, carpenter or construction traffic coordinator, all of these jobs are in high demand.

As we begin to navigate a post-Covid world, I hope you found this condensed and consolidated information helpful! Whether you are looking to relocate to another city or a different economic sector for your next job, it’s important to know where to look to find and nail the right job!

Samantha Shefsky is an Operations Manager at the tilr Corporation.

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