No job posting.

No interviewing.

No bias.

tilr is a technology that fully automates the recruitment process. We save you time, money, and effort by utilizing our proprietary algorithm to ensure you are getting the best skilled people for your positions.


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Why get workers with tilr

With just a few simple steps, tilr’s marketplace technology sends you qualified workers within a few days, or even hours, depending on your needs.

Eliminate Recruitment costs

It's free to post job opportunities with tilr. You only pay when workers go to work.

Get Trusted Workers

tilr onboards and background checks every Community Member before they begin a job opportunity.

Save Time

In the average workplace, it takes 42 days of time and effort to hire a worker. With tilr, it's 1 day.

Broaden your talent pool

tilr matches workers’ skills to job requirements, expanding the worker pool by eliminating traditional keyword matching.


Skills selection page of job creation on tilr


Select the skills and requirements you desire.

Shift selection page of job creation on tilr


Set the wage and times needed.

Matched worker page for job on tilr


Submit the job and get the workers you need.

Rate worker page for job on tilr


Manage your workers and rate their performance.


On average, it takes companies 42 days to fill an open position. Not with tilr.

Hiring with tilr

Hiring with tilr overview

On average, it takes companies 42 days to fill an open position. Not with tilr.

Traditional Hiring Practices

Traditional hiring practices overview


From an ease of use and technology perspective, it was intuitive. The ease of use is great: the bang for the buck will be in the quality of pre-vetted candidate.

— Bill Neese, Vice President of Talent Acquisition, Paycor


tilr has made on-demand labor a breeze for our company. I would absolutely recommend tilr to any other business because the numbers don’t lie- quality and efficiency has gone up and our overhead has gone down.

— Zachary Spradlin, CEO, Gen IV Technology


They treated us like we were their only client, when I went to meet with them and put together what we were looking for exactly. I would recommend to any company in need of temporary help to give tilr a call, you won’t be sorry.

— Joe Elliot, Vice President of Business Development, DL Host





There are several differences between tilr and a staffing firm. First, tilr is a technology platform that automates the matching of independent contractors with job offers. Our algorithm performs these matches by optimizing skill capabilities, not just what the worker has most recently done or his/her job title. What this means to you is that your path to hiring talent can be executed in seconds, not days or weeks, and mitigates hiring bias and risk by leveraging the objectivity of technology.

Secondly, as our focus is on 1099 workers, tilr is not considered the employer of our Community Members. By contrast, a staffing firm hires and becomes the employer of record for their temp staff, thereby making them a W2 population. What this means to you is that tilr workers are likely more focused on the shared economy and gig work, which could include supporting multiple clients at any given time. As independent contractors, they are responsible for their own benefits, insurance, taxes and more, which may enable you to be more nimble and cost effective in your business.

Absolutely. tilr has a disruptive hiring fee, much below industry standards. Consult with your Account Manager or Business Development Manager for more information.

Yes! Companies can easily integrate our technology with our Enterprise product. The tilr enterprise leverages our skill database and algorithm to align company strategy with HR strategy. It’s easy and intuitive for employees and managers to understand key talent and identify advancement opportunities.

tilr is built to support skills definition and job creation across all industries. Currently, we serve the logistics, customer service, administrative, manufacturing, and hospitality industries. If your industry isn’t listed, don’t worry - we’ll offer further industry support as we continue to grow!

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