tilr Hire

Automatically evaluate every applicant.

AI-powered analysis identifies and ranks skills-based matches to supercharge your hiring.

ATS add-on

Connects to your current ATS leverages your database.
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Skills-based hiring

Remove bias by prioritizing candidates based on skills.


Identify when applicants are a better fit for other roles in your org.
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Don't miss top candidates

Consider every application and act on the top candidates quickly.

Boolean search

Search your existing database and talent network.
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Act fast

Let hiring managers connect with best matches instantly.
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Easy implementation

Integrate seamlessly with your ATS without needing your IT team.
Supercharge your hiring

Take your hiring to the next level.

tilr Hire helps you make skills-based hiring decisions by sitting on top of your current HR tech stack and giving you cutting edge tools.

Two-way ATS integration

Easy and seamless integrations with your ATS that don't require your IT team.

Boolean search

Easily search your talent network and past applicants for skills.

Affordable pricing

That's easy to get buy-in from your team and delivers huge value.
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skills profile
Match Skills to Jobs

Distill job descriptions to skills, to help you prioritize what you're looking for.

Real-time data to ensure you're bringing the right skills in.
Generate alignment around hiring priorities.
Identify and define the skills you're seeking in candidates.
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Tilr Hire

Hire better candidates in record time.

tilr Hire helps recruiters prioritize and focus their time on the candidates that have the best skills without needing to sift through applications manually.

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Safe and secure. Powered by enterprise-grade technology.
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Simple, affordable pricing.
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Hire based on skills and build shortlists of top candidates.
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Let hiring managers act quickly on top candidates.
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Create alignment on hiring priorities for roles.
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Tap into existing ATS data to unlock matches with prior applicants.

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