Updated October 20, 2018


By using tilr Services, you are agreeing to tilr’s Standard Fee table as follows:

Markup 25% of Member hourly compensation rate
Service Fee $1 per hour flat rate per Member hour worked
Conversion Fee $1000 per Member flat rate
Taxes Variable based on location



  • Member compensation: $15 per hour pay rate
  • Markup 25%: $3.75 per hour
  • Service Fee: $1 per hour
  • Taxes: variable
  • Client Fee: $15 + $3.75 + $1 + taxes = $19.75 per hour + applicable taxes


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  • Member Compensation = also commonly referred to as the Member “Pay Rate” or the “Hourly Wage,” this is the hourly rate, which could be variable, that a Member earns in exchange for services performed
  • Markup % = also commonly referred to as “Markup” or “Upcharge,” this is the percentage of the Member pay rate that tilr charges to support the costs of building, maintaining, innovating and delivering algorithmic hiring solutions
  • Service Fee = this is the flat rate that tilr charges per hour per Member hour worked to support the tilr platform and related services, including various operating costs and safety measures, such as insurance, background checks and other Member support activities
  • Client Fee = also commonly referred to as the Client “bill rate,” this is the total sum hourly rate that a Client pays to tilr for services performed, which includes the Member Compensation + the Markup % rate + the Service Fee
  • Conversion Fee = this is the fee that a Client pays to tilr to “buy” a Member off of the tilr platform, thereby “converting” a tilr Member to become one of their own, direct employees


tilr’s Additional Fee table as follows:

Additional Fee Description Fee
Late Cancellation Client cancels a work opportunity without providing seventy-two (72) hours’ notice prior to the commencement of the opportunity Amount equal to the Client Fee for eight (8) hours of completed work for each instance of Late Cancellation
Additional, specialty background checks or testing beyond tilr’s standard background check (e.g., drug screening) Variable, based on specific tests or checks requested tilr sales rep to consult
Additional Client support services beyond standard platform offerings (e.g., dedicated onsite management, dedicated account management, recruitment optimization consulting, data services) Variable, based on specific Client needs tilr sales rep to consult
Custom market/geo or category expansion Variable, based on specific Client needs tilr sales rep to consult