tilr Talent Network

Source candidates from your ATS

Our deep integration with your ATS means you can consider candidates that have historically applied to your company, your current employees, and direct applicants for job vacancies at your organization. Do a full scan of the market when filling a position.

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tilr's makes it easy to search and discover your ATS

Apply easy-to-use boolean search to quickly find candidates with the skills you are looking for in your talent network.

Give value to the talent network you have built

You spend a lot of resources to attract talent to apply to roles at your organization. Mean it when you say, "We'll consider you for future opportunities."

Keep your talent network updated

75% of ATS are out of date. tilr keeps your ATS current by updating candidate profiles as they acquire new skills to ensure you are always reviewing their most recent qualifications.

tilr is a talent intelligence platform powered to automate the hiring and management process in your organization. We give you the tools to uncover value in your existing talent network, identify skill gaps and source top candidates in a fraction of the time.


Skills Mapped


Hours Worked


Matches Made

Quickly identify top candidates in your ATS

Unlock the value of your talent network to discover the talent that has the right skills for the job.

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