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Hire the right employees, faster

Instead of waiting for job seekers to find you, tilr brings them to you directly. Using our Skill Mapping technology and the tilr Matching Index, we connect you with talent in just seconds. Our AI-driven platform speeds up your search by selecting qualified candidates in your talent network and externally based on the skills you’re looking for.

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Rank candidates based on skills, not keywords

Go a step further by choosing top candidates based on their skills, not their previous job titles or positions.

A diverse, equitable and inclusive search tool

Our skills-based algorithms ranks candidates based on skills, ensuring a fair and equitable hiring process.

Keep your talent network updated

Our platform is designed to update candidate profiles as they acquire new skills to ensure you are always reviewing their most recent qualifications.

tilr is a talent intelligence platform powered to automate the hiring and management process in your organization. We give you the tools to uncover value in your existing talent network, identify skill gaps and source top candidates in a fraction of the time.


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Develop a Hiring Strategy That Works for You.

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