tilr Skills Mapping

Map candidates based on skills.

Using AI, tilr evaluates and surfaces candidates based on the strength of their skills, not keyword matches. This takes into consideration a candidates transferrable skills, while removing unconscious bias. Our algorithms identify skills that are emerging on the market that you may want to bring in-house.

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Hire skills that are in high demand

tilr identifies candidates in your ATS that have highly marketable skills so you can make hiring decisions based on competition in the market.

Equitable and fair hiring

When you hire based on skills, you remove biases that seep into the process. Identify candidates based on the skills required to do the job, regardless of where those skills were acquired and the terminology to describe it.

Get more value from candidates

We match candidates to all open positions, allowing you to maximize value from every applicant.

Keep a pulse on your evolving talent network

Tilr automatically updates candidate profiles within your talent network to reflect their growing skill sets over time.

Lower your costs

We help you lower costs by automatically sourcing candidates from your ATS that are a skills-based match.

tilr is a talent intelligence platform powered to automate the hiring and management process in your organization. We give you the tools to uncover value in your existing talent network, identify skill gaps and source top candidates in a fraction of the time.


Skills Mapped


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Matches Made

Quickly identify top candidates in your ATS

Unlock the value of your talent network to discover the talent that has the right skills for the job.

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