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Build a strategy that attracts top talent

Skills are the sum of all human resources in any organization. Tilr generates real-time people analytics to inform and elevate your talent management strategy based on skills. Our suite of tools offer strategic insights into the skills of your talent network and industry to drive better decision-making.

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Get access to data-driven insights

Our technology delivers key insights to uncover transferable skills in your organization so you can better understand the value in your talent network.

Jumpstart growth opportunities

Many businesses don’t have a full visibility into the capabilities of their workforce. Understand the strengths in your existing workforce so you can introduce the proper training and development programs to increase employee mobility.

Understand market trends

Our platform collects valuable data to help you keep a pulse on trends in your industry and understand which companies are hiring, what they are hiring for and where talent is located.

tilr is a talent intelligence platform powered to automate the hiring and management process in your organization. We give you the tools to uncover value in your existing talent network, identify skill gaps and source top candidates in a fraction of the time.


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Develop a Hiring Strategy That Works for You.

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