We believe that anyone can achieve in their role if companies set them up for success and continue to invest in them.

Until now, this has been easier said than done. That's why we created tilr.
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Skills-first organizations need a way to reliably hire and develop highly skilled talent.

How do we do it? Most companies struggle to understand the skills of their workforce, a very important piece of information by attempting to map it out in excel or simply not trying at all because it is too complex. We get it, we haven’t been able to get the full picture with these methods either! That is why we built our platform to use a combination of NLP (Natural Language Processing), automation, and engaging employee onboarding so you have the full picture of your workforce's skills.

A focus on skills: Our insights and analytics will help you understand current and future skills gaps along with training recommendations to fill them so you can get that competitive edge. We also allow your team members to put in their career aspirations which can be linked to company goals ensuring that your team and your businesses are growing together. All of this is built to captivate attention resulting in more training being completed and value being created for both individuals and the company.

The missing piece: Do you ever have projects that pop up and aren’t sure who the right people are to work on them? Well now you can search your employee database by skills ensuring that your workforce is working efficiently and giving individuals opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise been considered for. And speaking of efficiency, we also do mentor matching based on skills so your team can learn from each other. All of this results in a culture of learning and better employee retention.

Now that you will be a skills-first organization, what about hiring you ask? Don’t worry, we have you covered there too. Our ATS add-on converts both job descriptions and resumes into skills surfacing skills based matches for recruiters and hiring managers. This saves time on top-of-funnel sourcing.

Everything our platform helps you do is based on skills, giving everyone in the organization, or applying to your organization, equal opportunity.
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What we're all about

What drives us? At tilr, our values influence every decision we make.
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Help great businesses succeed.
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Ensure individuals can maintain gainful employment in roles where they feel accomplished, motivated, and happy.
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Making the above possible in an equitable way.

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