tilr Workforce

Skills management software to drive employee development.

tilr Workforce is used by Talent teams and business leaders to track skills, create employee development plans, and make data-driven talent decisions.

Career pathing

Give employees the tools to map out their career journey at the organization.
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Learning plans

tilr automatically creates personalized and structured training pathways.

Robust skills inventory

Track and report on all the skills that reside in your workforce.
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Identify skills gaps

Quickly uncover and address skills gaps by easily comparing employees to roles.
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Role architecture

Leverage real time market data to see how the skills are trending.

Mentorship matching

Allow your team to discover mentorship opportunities by skill set or career path.

Intelligent roles

Use real market data to compare roles and your team's skill profiles.

Companies and people grow together.

Automatically create and manage pathways and plans, putting employees on career journeys in your organization.

Mentor Matching

Match employees based on skills for peer coaching and learning, to promote skills transfer and business continuity.

Career Pathways

Move employees along their career journey while leveraging their transferable skills and minimizing disruption to other roles.

Learning Plans

Assign employees a series of structured learning steps to support their skills development or meet training requirements.
Data and Analytics

Measure and manage the skills in your business.

Auto-generated and exhaustive reports about the skills in your organization, how they are coming in, and how they are organized.
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improve skills training with tilr's hr software
skill development

Identify skills gaps and seamlessly provide targeted training.

Identify upskilling and reskilling opportunities through tilr's skills gap analysis and use one tool to identify opportunities and discover tailored training and learning programs for those skills.
Skills comparison tools easily ensure you have the right skills for your roles.
Compare the skills of your roles to the skills of your people to make optimal training, hiring, upskilling, and reskilling decisions.
Boost employee engagement by creating a clear, actionable roadmap for career development.
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Works with your tech stack

Integrate with the best tools in the market.

Don't waste time switching between multiple tools. tilr integrates with your current HR stack
ATS integrations such as Greenhouse, Lever, and more.
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HRIS integrations such as Bamboo, HiBob and more.
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Custom integrations available for a custom solution.
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LMS integrations such as Coursera to enable learning.
tilr Workforce

The key to your skills-first transformation.

tilr Workforce makes it easy for organizations to follow through on their team training and development commitments by taking the guesswork out and providing an easy to implement framework that will get your team buzzing.
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Safe and secure. Powered by enterprise-grade technology.
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Affordable pricing so that everyone can invest in their people.
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Boost employee engagement and retention.
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Time saving and reduced management burden.
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Drive new conversations within your team.
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Clear ROI and the ability to put metrics behind HR.

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