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A data-driven, automated way to know your people from top-of-funnel screenings to investing in their development.

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tilr Workforce

Know your people's skills

HR and people leaders use tilr Workforce to make data-driven decisions so that they can confidently invest in talent decisions that drive employee retention and business growth.
Decisions based on skills data: Access a skills inventory of your organization and real-time market data of skills to make better decisions when it comes to training, hiring, internal mobility, and succession planning.
Confidently invest in training: Personalized employee-driven training programs based on employee skills profiles + career goals + needs of the organization.
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tilr Hire

Make skills-first hiring easy with tilr Hire.

Recruiters use the tilr Hire ATS add-on to automatically identify and rank skills-based matches. Make use of your underutilized database of candidates that want to work in your organization to hire faster and reduce bias.
tilr integrates with ATS

ATS add-on

tilr integrates seamlessly with your current ATS.
skills based hiriing software by tilr

Skills-based hiring

Distill candidate resumes and job descriptions to skills.
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Real-time skills data

Labour makret intelligence lets you determine which current skills are trending for any role.
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Easy boolean search

Broaden and define your search to quickly find candidates with the skills you're looking for.
up to date market info for hiring

Up-to-date candidate info

Always have the most up-to-date candidate experience information.
remove bias from hiring process software

Remove bias from hiring

tilr Hire puts the focus on skills for more equitable and inclusive hiring practices.
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HR Tech Your Team Will USE

Enterprise-grade but built for everyone.

tilr is built on Enterprise-grade infrastructure for security and stability, but built for organizations of all sizes.
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World-class security infrastructure to withstand any technical audits.
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Low priced, because investing in your talent shouldn't be out of reach.
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Integrations with leading HRIS, ATS, LMS systems, and more.
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Easy and quick to implement, with no set up fees or complex onboarding.
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Automated mentorship matching based on skills enables knowledge transfer within your organization
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Create measurable impact and apply a data-driven HR strategy by tapping into real-time market data.

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tilr helps you know the skills of your workforce.

“In a rapidly changing market, it is key to be able to efficiently upskill and reskill your talent and hire the skills you're missing.”
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Rob Leone
Principal and National Government Relations Lead
The Earnscliffe Strategy Group
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We love using tilr!

“The add-on helped our talent rediscover candidates directly from our ATS saving us hours of sourcing!”
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Cindy Diogo
Head of Talent Acquisition
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tilr is the only tool that easily creates skills inventories for employees.

"I love that team members complete their skills profiles themselves and immediately receive suggestions for accredited courses.”
Lydia Bowser, Global Head of HR, PAVE
Lydia Bowser
Global Head of HR
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We’re proud to support tilr.

“Our government is on a mission to give workers the tools to find meaningful work close to home and earn bigger paycheques for their families. tilr uses innovative technology to help companies find the skilled workers they need and grow the economy for everyone.”
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Monte McNaughton
Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development
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Our continued growth is fuelled by our people.

“Understanding the skills they have and what they want to develop helps us bring the right talent to the right teams and enables us to fill gaps more effectively.”
Colin Jackson-Sarkany
HR Business Partner
Human Resources

Why Skills Matter and How to Use Them to Win

Skills are the new currency. But what are skills and how does an organization make skills the cornerstone of its recruitment and talent management strategy? Skills can be categorized into hard and soft skills. They can be further evaluated through the lens of their half life, which is getting shorter due to technological innovation and the changing nature of work. There are four tenants to skills.
August 17, 2022
10 minutes

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