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Connect your accounts so Bamboo is your single source of truth for your people data.


Here's how to integrate BambooHR with tilr.

tilr requires read-only access to People API and imports the following fields:

  • Employee ID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Department
  • Job title
  • Supervisor (Employee ID)
  • Employment Status
  • Location

A BambooHR API key is required to complete the integration with tilr.

tilr imports the data when the integration is initiated. Then tilr listens for events and triggers a data sync to tilr when a change is made in BambooHR.

Get Started

Step 1 - Sign in to your BambooHR instance with administrator permissions.

Step 2 - On the Home page, click Your picture and select API Keys.

Step 3 -
Click Add New Key.

Step 4 -
Enter the name "tilr" for the API key in the API Key Name field and click Generate Key.

Step 5 -
Click COPY KEY to copy the key to your clipboard.

Step 6 -
Click Done.

Step 7 -
tilr creates the company account and sends a Welcome Email to the user.

Step 8 -
The user accepts the invitation in tilr’s Welcome Email and navigates to Settings > Integration > Human Resources Information System and selects BambooHR.

Settings > Integrations
Select BambooHR

Step 9 -
tilr prompts the user for the company's BambooHR domain and API Key generated in step 4 and click "Connect".

Input Company Domain and Token

Step 10 -
tilr initiates the initial data import. tilr listens for events on an ongoing basis and triggers data syncs as needed to ensure BambooHR and tilr are synced.

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