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Connect your accounts so Bob is your single source of truth for your people data.


Here's how to integrate HiBob with tilr.

tilr requires read-only access to People API and imports the following fields:

  • Employee ID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Department
  • Job title
  • Supervisor (Employee ID)
  • Employment Status
  • Location

tilr imports the data when the integration is initiated. Then tilr listens for events and triggers a data sync to tilr when a change is made in HiBob.

Get Started

Step 1 - A user at the company creates an API service user in Bob. This user will also be setting up the integration within tilr in Step 3. Instructions for API service user setup are here:

Step 2 - Copy and paste the ID and Token. Save it for Step 5

Step 3
- tilr creates the company account and sends a Welcome Email to the user

Step 4
- The user accepts the invitation in tilr’s Welcome Email and navigates to Settings > Integration > Human Resources Information System and selects HiBob

Settings > Integrations

Select Bob

Step 5 - tilr prompts the user for the ID and Token generated in Step 2

Input the ID and Token

Step 6 - tilr initiates the initial data import. tilr listens for events on an ongoing basis and triggers data syncs as needed to ensure HiBob and tilr are synced

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