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Reflecting on 2023: 5 Things that Changed for Learning & Development

December 7, 2023
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A lot happened in 2023. And a lot has changed in the world.

This blog post will zoom into learning and development in 2023 and the five things that changed. We will also share some of our predictions about what this means for 2024.

AI in L&D

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has firmly embedded itself in our L&D technology, and its influence is only set to grow in 2024. Beyond data-driven learning analytics and personalized approaches, AI is poised to take on coaching roles and even author our learning content. Brace yourself for a collaborative future where AI supports Human Resource departments and employees alike, revolutionizing the way we learn and develop.

Personalization and Adaptive Learning

Bid farewell to the one-size-fits-all approach in L&D; it's a relic of the past. The rise of personalized learning plans in 2023 is just the beginning. In the coming years, having an individualized learning plan for every employee will become the norm. 

As we embrace AI's role in L&D, fostering personalized learning will be one of the tasks of AI. And what we know about AI already, it will do it well.

Continuous Learning and Upskilling

Learning and development is not a one time activity. It isn’t even a seasonal activity. Learning and upskilling are baked into how work gets done. 

Embedding ongoing feedback loops into workflows, through methods such as mid and post-project reviews or weekly touchbases, ensures continuous learning and upskilling. This approach liberates employees from the constraints of annual performance reviews, making learning an ongoing and intrinsic part of career development.

Rapid Cycles of Continuous Learning

While long-form courses have their place, the pace of skills evolution demands a more agile approach. Rapid cycles of continuous learning have emerged as a solution, reflecting the dynamic nature of acquiring skills in today's fast-changing landscape. This iterative process aligns with the understanding that learning is not an event but an ongoing, evolving journey.

Skills-based Learning and Development

In 2023, the world witnessed a surge in skills-based approaches to L&D, with more to come in the following year. Measuring L&D effectiveness by distilling organizations into their skills and closing gaps provides a more accurate metric. As budgets tighten and accountability heightens, a skills-based approach becomes the truest measure of the impact of L&D programs.

What Does This Mean for 2024?

As we step into the future, these five transformations will guide the way organizations approach Learning & Development. Embrace the shifts, experiment with new methodologies, and share your experiences. The future of L&D is collaborative, personalized, continuous, agile, and skill-focused. Stay ahead, and let's navigate this exciting journey together.

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