2023 HR Trends

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Will 2023 see employees coming back to the office?

Yes! But we need to give people a meaningful reason to come back to the office. And companies need a clear strategy for how a hybrid model works for them.

What does leading with heart mean and how can HR leaders support this in a genuine way?

Everyone is talking about empathy. Here are 3 tangible tips:

  1. Meet your team where they are
  2. Make space for 1:1 conversations
  3. Share your vulnerabilities because it gives others permission to do the same with you
Trends that you hope will disappear in 2023? The audience's input
  • Ghosting candidates
  • As if "Quiet quitting" is a new concept
  • Unrealistic expectations towards salary, titles, benefits, etc.
  • Expecting employees to have 2+ years of loyalty to a company that treats them unwell
  • Expectations around working on vacation
  • University degree requirements
Favorite channels to look for diverse talent? The audience's input
  • Out in tech - LGBT+ Engineers
  • TAP (Transition Assistance Programs) on military bases
Skills are popping up more in 2022. Do you think its a trend for 2023?

Skills has to be part of your tech stack. Fundamentally, employees value growth and companies need their people ramping up their productivity quickly. Constant upskilling is fundamental to that.

What can companies do to combat "Quiet quitting"?

A lot. Firstly, know why your people are staying. These are the top 3 reasons employees stay:

  1. Connections to other people in the organization
  2. Flexibility
  3. Career growth and opportunities

And here are tangible things you can do:

  • Identify employees' top drivers. Do more of them. Build programs around them.
  • Upskill Managers to better support their people.
  • Be transparent with employees about the company's roadmap and plans, and how they fit into them.
Noteworthy management and training workshops? The audience's input
  • Center for Creative Leadership
  • Individual skill drills with leaders to practice having crucial conversations
  • Encourage new Managers to take improv classes, "Yes, and ..."
  • Here's a deck for your Difficult Conversations role play
Gone are the days of organizations celebrating a large headcount. A 2023 trend is moving to leaner organizations. How can we run efficient organizations without overloading our employees?

You need to understand why you are hiring a person. What do you want them to achieve? What should they contribute?

The formula for the long term value of an employee is: revenue generated x tenure. You are always trying to maximize that equation.

What do companies need to do in 2023 to properly invest in their team's growth? 

Learning is innovation. So learning needs to be a core business activity.

The 70 - 20 - 10 model is a good one to figure out how learning happens every day. Define what each category means at your organization:

  • 70% experience - Ex. projects, job shadowing, learning side by side
  • 20% social - Ex. mentoring, buddy program, online peer to peer communities, giving and receiving of feedback, coaches
  • 10% formal - this is where budgets are helpful

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