7 Skills You Didn’t Know You Had

Your skills are a part of your worker DNA. That why our app runs on skills – we know that they are more important the job titles or resumes.

By: Claire CasaSanta

At tilr, we believe that your skills are the most important part of your work experience and are a part of your worker DNA. Our app runs on skills – that’s how we match you with job opportunities. The more skills you’ve entered, the better we can match you with jobs. That is why we urge all of our Community Members to enter skills from all jobs they have ever held, including a summer job from your teens to your most recent position. But sometimes, there may be skills that you possess but cannot find on the app, or abilities that you didn’t realize you had. So, it’s important to take a few minutes and go through the skill profiles of jobs that are similar to the ones you’ve held or in fields that you would like to work in. These skills could include:

1. Type Documents

Chances are you have typed a document in the past 24 hours, whether that be a text, a note, or a tweet So there is no reason why this skill shouldn’t be on your skill profile. You have the ability to type, so why not use that skill to earn extra cash? Go to “ Word Processors and Typists” to add it to your skill profile.

2. Remove Debris from Work Site

There isn’t a job that exists that doesn’t value a clean work area. You have probably wiped down a counter, thrown out the trash, or kept your work area tidy. It is a skill that is expected of employees and it is a skill that you possess. Add it to your profile by looking under “Landscaping and Groundskeeping Workers”

3. Analyze Data to Inform Operational Decisions or Activities

While analyzing data may sound like a skill you don’t possess, it’s not as difficult as it sounds. The skill is as simple as looking at a piece of information, such as a map with different driving routes, and making a decision based on the information given. In the case of the routes, you would choose the one with that gets you to your destination quickest. At a job, you would make decisions based on past data of what works well. Add this to your skill profile by looking under “Marketing Managers.”

4. Exchange Information with Colleagues

It is important to clearly communicate with your co-workers so that you all are on the same page. You have probably exchanged information with colleagues at every job you have ever worked. You can find this skill under “Separating, Filtering, Clarifying, Precipitating, and Still Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders”

5. Calculate Costs of Goods or Services

From an early age, we learn how to complete simple math calculations. These days, everyone has the ability to calculate the costs of goods or services right in their pockets – the calculators on their phones. Calculating the costs of services and goods can be applicable to a variety of jobs and positions. It can be found under “Retail, Salesperson”

6. Answer Telephones to Direct Calls or Provide Information

Anytime you answer your phone, you are demonstrating a general understanding of this skill. When talking to someone on the phone, you can provide information. This skill is easily transferable from your personal to professional life. Add it to your skill profile by looking under “Switchboard Operators, Including Answering Services”

7. Mix Ingredients

When it comes to cooking, not all steps are easy. But mixing the ingredients together is a task that all of us can complete. You surely have done this at some point in your life from mixing ingredients in your grandma’s kitchen to making your dinner last night. Find this skill under “Cooks, Restaurant.”


Taking time to review these skills may show a gap in your skill profile. Entering more skills will give you a better chance to be matched with the right job, but it’s important to note that just because you rate yourself a five in every skill doesn’t mean that you are more likely to receive job offers. Our matching system is complex and relies on what the employers put in for their job profiles. Rating yourself honestly will make sure that you are only matched with jobs that suit your skills.